Ally Trainings

Want to learn more about advocacy? Complete an ally training to learn how to be an ally to the communities we represent. Each form is a self-guided scavenger hunt where you find the answers online as you go.  Click the link below to work through the training. Most of this is not to feed you knowledge, but just to make sure you know where you can find this info in the future.

1. Recovery Movement Ally Training Quiz

(also called the mental health civil rights movement)

(also called the human civil rights for the psychiatrically oppressed)

2. Addiction Recovery Ally Training Quiz

(for us this includes all addictive substances including several legal ones, and many behaviors)

3. Health Care Access Ally Training Quiz

(how to get signed up for health insurance, vocabulary, and advocacy info)

(and how to fight ACA repeal)

4. LGBTQ Ally Training Quiz

5. African-American rights advocacy

6. Youth and young adult engagement (coming soon) (coming soon)

7. Immigration rights advocacy (coming soon)