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Caitlin Stephen In route to Colorado to help recruit artists for health care messaging

Caitlin Stephen In route to Colorado to help recruit artists for health care messaging

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Activism: I care deeply about Black lives matter, animal rights, better homes and communities, etc.

Peer Support: I support other young people by going to their events. I haven’t been able to do a lot of that since being back in school. As a youth activist, sometimes self-care comes first.

Gigs I would like to be booked for: Singing, writing, art. Let me bring energy to your event. Check out this video of me singing in the mountains:



If flowers grew in the desert
And sun can shine through the blizzard
If deserts can be home to an oasis
And love be found through struggle
All is well within this universe

Facing Page: Health Care Activism:

What I would tell the Recovery Movement:  I would say the main focus should be on the people and how we can help build a life for them that they love. Joy matters, live your life!

Health Insurance Success Story: I don’t have one currently. Missouri has not yet expanded Medicaid and I am one of the people caught.

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Caitlin Stephen helped travel to Colorado this summer to recruit incoming sponsored artists to share information about health insurance enrollment. Poetry for Personal Power found their stories typical of other Colorado young adults:

  • I currently have health insurance through my parents 17.65% 3
  • I have already enrolled in the ACA 11.76% 2
  • I have Medicaid 52.94% 9 (Comment: This says that Medicaid expansion in Kansas and Missouri would probably really help our constituencies.)
  • I have no health insurance and don’t want it 5.88% 1
  • I want health insurance but don’t know how to sign up 0.00% 0
  • I want to help others enroll in Obamacare / ACA 11.76% 2