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Poetry or Stage Name: Matt Diamond

Matt Diamond self-portrait

Matt Diamond self-portrait

Activism: I am working for Entrepreneurship advocacy. I support community gardening: Food and cooking herb production. I am just really excited about food coming out of the ground, and you can make money at it, too! Other people actually need this stuff, too.

Peer Support: I provide photo and media services while often providing missing network links for clients and associates. I would hope my art to be an inspiration to those in the community around me. I take people who are not sure about themselves and make them beautiful! I teach other artists how to market themselves to get what they deserve for their time.

Gigs: I would love to be booked for Photo and film production, creative consultation and development, and meaningful collaborations.

What I would tell the Recovery Movement: Be sure not to forget about the root of our problems on local level while working on affecting change at a higher level.

Facing page:

My Health  or health insurance success story: I have a gut health issue and have learned to manage it with good quality, fresh food that I can grow myself. Mainstream medicine never talked to me about diet. They told me – “Hey, it’s OK to eat sugar and drink soda.” I had to learn about probiotics and diet and nutrients and feeding my body on my own. Our health care system shouldn’t be so siloed like that. The doctors should be able to heal people with gut health stuff, not just poison them and cut on them.

Matt Diamond’s infographic: Look to the root causes.

Matt Diamond: Look to the root causes to solve emotional distress.

Matt Diamond: Look to the root causes to solve emotional distress.