Poetry for Personal Power provides:

  • healthcare messaging: 20% increase in resilience knowledge and behaviors, 30% increase in health insurance literacy.

  • peer support: 70% hospital reduction

  • artist entrepreneur development: 10 fold increase in sponsored artist income when completing our event sponsorship process. Paid gigs for sponsored artists

  • healthcare advocacy and research: statewide mental health and substance use recovery networks, peer support allies coalitions

What helps you through adversity? We are now in our tenth year with over 150 events per year, 75 sponsored artists and advocates in 7 regions, and research and peer support programs ready for publication. We are building a national replication process to share healthcare messaging, promote resilience in nonprofits, and increase the number of peer support programs. We are becoming an evidence-based resilience messaging campaign with sponsored artists.

Program summary video about poems for overcoming adversity:

Thanks so much to Metaphor Media for donating this excellent edit.