Artist Entrepreneur Supports

We provide artist entrepreneur supports because we realized that our founder can host all the poetry slams, or she can teach other people how to deliver health care messaging. For four years we have offered poet sponsorships. In that time, our sponsorships have gone to artists / poets willing to work on their professional development.

How we provide Artist Entrepreneur Supports:

We have a  short online training for artist sponsorship.  When this is approved, poets will be followed up with a phone call. Then we mail out our sponsorship toolkit to share our program information at events, plus evaluate events afterwards.

Our artist entrepreneur supports are based on the ideas in $100 startup – people just need to get going on their business idea. Sometimes too much planning can bog people down. All our artists get professional development supports to develop their own business ideas. Comments from artists who have been through our program include:

Comments from Program participants:

Sheri Hall ·  Spoken Word Artist/ Speaker/ Poet/ Host/ Writer/ Consultant atPurpose
I have been involved with this organization for several years now. Providing help for suffering peoples in innovative ways has remained focused at the center of progamming and program development. I proudly support this program an hope that you will as well.
Aug 16, 2016 7:49am

Mort N Summer Javadi · Florida Regional Coordinator at Poetry for Personal Power
As a former Atlanta Regional Coordinator for Poetry for Personal Power I must say this non for profit agency paved the way for my own achievements and struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and allowed me a platform to assist other Mental Health peoples face the issues that keep them fettered and release them from emotional burdens. Great Job Poetry for Personal Power, and thank you Corinna for founding such a motivational approach to the arts!
Aug 16, 2016 8:12am

Stella Flannery ·
Owner and Travel Consultant at Stella Dreamwalker; Travel Light
Corinna West has worked diligently with area poets to bring about a true grassroots movements of self empowered recovering and discovering creative characters who support one another in self-led discovery and healing from trauma. I can not emphasise enough how important her work is. Please support her any way that you can.
Aug 16, 2016 10:45am

Vevette Peterson
Poetry for Personal Power in collaboration with Harris-Stowe State University is empowering for our mentees, mentors and staff. The program encourages us to build and personify creative resiliency. Everyone shares authentically as poets, singers, rappers, painters, fitness promoters, healthy food cultivators and more. Most importantly, We are building a gateway for growth and thriving by way of healthy living and advocacy. Poets work for themselves, their campus and St. Louis community they live in. Our students contribute to from a conscious and meaningful foundation.

Sheri "Purpose" Hall with artist entrepreneur supports at UMKC. Our poetry event replication expands her skills and other poets nationwide

Sheri “Purpose” Hall with artist entrepreneur supports at UMKC. Our poetry event replication expands her skills and other poets nationwide