Artist Entrepreneur Outcomes

All artists are entrepreneurs. We want artist entrepreneur outcomes to include improved marketing, income leveraging, financial management, networking, business development, and staying true to their purpose as an artist. All artists work for money – they either learn how to monetize their art form or they work at a day job. There are pros and cons to each path.

Improving Artist entrepreneur outcomes by supporting social justice and community development

Improving Artist entrepreneur outcomes by supporting social justice and community development

How we are different in promoting artist entrepreneur outcomes: For artists that want to make a living full time at art, we give them a very small amount of capital, then help them begin initial experiments to see how their business can develop. This is the style of entrepreneurship explained the The $100 Startup book. Our business support pattern is “money, experiments, coaching, more money, more experiments, more coaching…..”

This is opposite most entrepreneurship coaching events which are, “lecture, lecture, lecture, make a plan, beg investors for money, get a big lump of money, then start your experiments.” Our style is more real world, more urgent, more accessible for early stage entrepreneurs who are not even sure they are ready to start a business. In addition, 75% of our artist / advocates are people with disabilities, and very few entrepreneurship support programs outreach to our community.

In fact, Kauffman foundation, the world’s biggest entrepreneurship support nonprofit, indicated that they rejected us for an “inclusion grant” because they didn’t realize that people with disabilities needed to be included.

Our artist entrepreneur outcomes are solid:

I now take more pictures, videos, or other event documentation


I now gather emails at events more often


I use better financial record keeping


I have further developed my own business idea


I participate in more business networking events


I have completed an artist professional development course


I have submitted entries to art contests / grants


I have received or won artist contests / grants


Really, nothing has changed because of P3


Artist Outcomes Comments:

  • I was able to learn more about networking at a conference
    Has increased my scope of ideas for performing. Has increased my confidence as a performer. It was a much-needed financial boost.
    P3 has allowed me to really mature as an artist. I have met some incredible people by doing gigs throughout Missouri and Kansas.
  • Seeing the responses and inspiration gained
    We love getting Actual living wages being provided for providing our art, time, and attention where it is needed.
  • My favorite part is…Getting paid to promote mental health and substance abuse awareness