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Morgan Christopher Allred

Poetry or Stage Name: Mo Christo

Activism: Judicial reform. Injustice boycott. Humanitarian aid. Ban the box. Inmate reintegration. Rehabilitation. Marraige equality. Mediation. I have done work in all these thus each has a part in my heart and I am continuously working on me… I continually work on them through me.

Peer Support: My poetic promotion is geared towards sharing the art of others rather than my own. I also use my art as a reason to bring others to come together. My initiative when performing is to do a mix of 3 things; educate, inspire and entertain.

Gigs: I would like to be booked for Non-profit Mediations and facilitations, Open mics, Poetry slams, Poetry out loud type judging, Book signings, Movement events, and Festivals

What I would like to tell the Recovery Movement: Just focus on the thing that comes easiest.  By a little concerted effort for a long period of time is how water shapes canyons. Just flow. Yet reach out to others who drop into your path cuz it takes a million raindrops to make a flood.


I’ve been subjugated and broken; depressed and demoralized.
Disappointed disenchanted let down and dissatisfied
Yet through all the broken bones and the tears that my eyes have cried
I never give up after falling I get back up and give it another try
My life won’t be complete in sweeps of defeat
Chances started out bleak yet will proceed as I grit my teeth
I’m no wolf in wool. I keep the soul of a black sheep
The sound of my heart beat be the stomp of an armies feet

Facing page, ACA information:

Morgan’s Health Insurance or health care success story. My own personal triumph over my addiction. Salina, where I used to live, has a very strong organization to promote recovery, the Central Kansas Foundation. We have been working with community partners in Salina to host drumming for recovery, and other rhythm and movement based healing practices.

During the summer, Poetry for Personal Power surveyed 530 young adults in Colorado and found that they were 5-10% less likely to endorse the option about knowing where to find substance use treatment than mental health treatment. This reflects a lack of awareness about treatment facilities, but it might also reflect lack of understanding about how to get substance use treatment paid for.

Morgan is now working to start a Poetry for Personal Power chapter in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has moved. He is one of our lead advocates promoting our overall business model:

Poetry for Personal Power's overall business model. All we need to expand to a region is a strong artist leader, a peer support funder, and peer specialists.

Poetry for Personal Power’s overall business model. All we need to expand to a region is a strong artist leader, a peer support funder, and peer specialists.