Journaling to Overcome Difficulties

Journaling to overcome difficulties

There is no corporate sponsor to promote journaling to overcome difficulties, so here we are:

Many different wellness strategies exist for people to get through difficulties. Some strategies have a corporate sponsor, like pharmaceuticals, and thus many people hear about them. Journaling to overcome difficulties is one tool that is very underutilized. However, many of . . . → Read More: Journaling to Overcome Difficulties

Bill Poindexter’s Car Free American Story

I have been car-free (d. not owning a car) or car-lite(d. owning a car but using it on a limited basis) for ten years now.

In 2000, I realized I was living my life for the wrong reasons: just to make a lot of money, accumulate things, get others to respect me for my . . . → Read More: Bill Poindexter’s Car Free American Story