Health Care Messaging

Poetry for Personal Power creates simple, repeatable Health Care messaging events. We began as resilience promotion messaging with actionable peer support and lay person intervention strategies. The events feature hip hop and spoken word poetry, a part of popular youth culture, especially in the African American community.

Now we have multiple types of health care messaging available:

  • Resilience building
  • Trauma or ACES awareness
  • Tobacco prevention and tobacco dependence treatment
  • ACA or Obamacare enrollment and health insurance literacy
  • Substance use prevention

Artists are trained on each of those health care messaging topics and gather event outcomes specific to each health care messaging topic.

Spoken word poetry has MTV shows like Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jams, national poetry slam events, and national youth competitions like Louder than a Bomb and Brave New Voices. The events draw on average 42 young people to local nonprofits. Click here to host an event.

The program’s pilot event feedback forms show that 45% said the most useful part was hearing the stories of other youth, and how they’d overcome adversity. 15% said they were surprised that other youth had so many struggles, 24% said they were interested in helping their friends through troubles. Most importantly, 46% said, as free response to what action they would take, that they would work on wellness approaches. They mentioned things like increased exercise, better stress management, spirituality, checking in on a friend, talking more about their concerns, or finding support through adversity. These are exactly the outcomes requested by the Prevention Institute’s 2014 report on Making Connections for Mental Health.

After Poetry for Personal Power events, the program’s recovery movement advocate teams capitalize on event momentum to add mental health resilience and lay intervention capacity building into the event hosting nonprofits. The goal is to have each host organization take the Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment survey to objectively assess and increase their mental wellbeing and lay person intervention capacity. This also provides organizations a new revenue stream by qualifying them for mental health grant-making, which adds sustainability. Click here to add this capacity to your nonprofit.

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