Sponsorship Forms

Use these convenient online forms to submit your event documentation and request for reimbursement.  If you have any problems with this form, save your answers into a word or PDF document and email to Corinna@PoetryforPersonalPower dot com.

Save as you go!

If any answers require a lot of typing on your part, paste that hunk of typing into a word document onto your own computer as you go.

  1. Artist/Advocate application form – Use this form to become a sponsored artist/advocate.
  2. Artist Payment Request Form – Use this form to submit a health care messaging event for payment.
  3. Advocate Payment Request Form – Use this form to get paid for any work on Agency infrastructure, on research, on advocacy, or really anything beside poetry events.
  4. Wellbeing Impact – Use this form to help nonprofits in the Community Increase their Wellbeing Impact.
  5. Conference Scholarship Request Form – Use this form if you want a scholarship or travel support to attend a conference through Poetry for Personal Power.
  6. Artist web page and book page form – Use this form for us help you with publicity and gig booking.