Artist/Advocate Application

Now taking artist and advocate sponsorship applications for our Waitlist.

Artists from all locations in the US can apply and we will hold you for a waitlist for future opportunities.

Step 1: Use this convenient online form to submit an application to reproduce our program. If you have any problems with this form, save your answers into a word or PDF document and email to Corinna@PoetryforPersonalPower dot com. We love to answer questions about the artist sponsorship application instead of hearing that someone wanted to apply but didn’t.

Step 2: Fill out the artist intake survey form we will email you in response to this application. We will also schedule a phone interview with the regional coordinator or program manager.

Step 3: We will mail you an artist sponsorship kit with all the supplies you need plus possibly a T-shirt or sweater.

Step 4: You are ready! Start booking events. Mail us back evaluations and submit event report forms online. Payment made within a week of receiving the report and evaluations.

Sponsorship application