Thanks for Supporting Transition Age Youth!

Our program was designed to support transition age youth as they learn to help other young adults. Each piece developed as we found what our sponsored artists needed and we learned support transition age youth in their development into artists and entrepreneurs.

Our program provides:

  1. Talking to a certified peer specialist about health issues and health goals that are needed to support transition age youth. Click here to see our projected peer support outcomes. 
  2. Talking to a recovery coach to support sobriety
  3. Social media / phone / text based interactions as well as in person meetings to support transition age youth
  4. A phone app (in development) to link all of our components together
  5. A few places to stay for overnight to support transition age youth
  6. A mixed presence of “troubled” and “neurotypical” young people for full integration. Click here to see our outcome for entrepreneur coaching.
  7. Job / school / housing retention coaching
  8. Being part of a social justice action and advocacy network, an interlinked group of other young people. Click here to apply to become a sponsored artist.
  9. Scholarships for community sports program and youth activities
  10. Transportation coordination and participation reminders for fun activities and medical appointments

P3 Model to support Transition Age Youth:

Our network is a novel way to support transition age youth to build jobs, business, meaning and purpose, and belongingness. We support transition age youth where the need is greatest: right in their home communities.

What causes major depression? Often a sense of isolation and loss of power supply. Poetry for Personal Power plugs people back into their community and back into a sense of meaning and purpose. Studies have shown that Peer Support is the number 1 most effective mental health intervention. We use a three prong approach to plug people back into their community. People get an artist to learn expression and community intergration, a peer specialist to talk about mental health stuff, and wellness coach.

What is novel and innovative about our program is that we use formal AND community peer supports, and we work with a rich artist network to weave it all together. The clinical benefit of our program is reduced hospitalizations. Peer support has been shown by Optum and SAMHSA to have a 70% reduction in hospitalizations, wellness activities are better than traditional treatment when compared head to head, and lay interventions double the recovery rates compared to standard care.



Poetry for Personal Power's overall business model to support transition age youth.

Poetry for Personal Power’s overall business model to support transition age youth.