Become a Peer Supporter

***How to become a Poetry for Personal Power peer support provider

  1. Work within one of our funded geographic areas (Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado) or find your own clients in your own area via cash pay.
  2. Complete an artist/advocate application form:
  3. Work with your regional coordinator for your region to complete your intake process. This includes an intake survey, online trainings, and an intake interview.
  4. Complete one of our approved peer specialist trainings and send us your certificate of training. The list of currently approved trainings are state certified peer specialist trainings, WRAP, peer recovery coach trainings, Hearing Voices Network training, eCPR training, or Intentional Peer Support.
  5. Complete 4 hours of internal agency training related to peer support. Fill out this survey to assess your readiness to deliver peer support:
  6.  Start looking for clients. If you are in a funded region, the foundation can pay for your clients, otherwise all your clients have to be cash pay. Each client needs to complete 3 forms: an intake form for personal info, an interaction form, and an outcome form (how well they are doing, including the baseline before they start).  The second two forms are repeated each month.
    a – the Intake form is filled out ONCE here:
    b – The outcome form is filled out MONTHLY here: Get your “clients/peers” to fill out an outcome form to measure a baseline:
    c – The interaction form is filled our MONTHLY here: Fill out the client/peer interaction form:
  7. Stay up to date with monthly peer specialist meetings, by watching email for opportunities, by talking to your regional coordinator, and by following our sponsored artist/advocate Facebook groups ( one for each region, one for peer supporters, and one for all regions).