Poetry to create identity

Poetry to overcome adversity, and poetry to create identity

Floetic” Nette performed this one minute piece at Poetry for Personal Power Wednesday at Penn Valley Community College. This one is so short and sweet that we wanted to post the text here.  This is an awesome example of poetry to create identity.


Floetic Nette waiting for her turn to perform her poetry to create identity

Floetic Nette waiting for her turn on stage

My poetry:

I went away to find peace.
My writing is here, my spirit is fleeting,
I need some R+R for myself,
I think it’s best for my health,
You can find me out somewhere relaxing
Thinking over things that have happened
Give our mind a break
Thinking over all our mistakes
And I don’t waste nothing
Cause there’s nothing to waste
Cause the kind of mind with only one outlet
Is the words to be written with
The connection between the disconnect
A public display of intellect
A few descriptions of interest
It’s the resting place of emotions
Where I can break things down slow motion.
It’s the words to be spoken with,
To be pronounced to be released and find peace
My poetry – this is where I go
When I need to find:

 If you want another take of this tiny masterpiece about poetry to create identity, here it is on video:


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