Suli Breaks from Great Britain found us on Twitter

Social networking seems to be where a powerful idea can be shared widely, and quickly. Poetry for Personal Power has grown followers faster than any of my other Twitter accounts, partly because the name is so obvious. @PoetryforPower

Suli Breaks, from Great Britain found us and wanted to participate in our program. His Twitter desciption, @sulibreaks says, “Suli Breaks has been dubbed by many as the best poet in the UK.” Here’s some lines from one of his poems, and the video.  You can judge for yourself. Thanks, Suli, for getting in touch with us.

This is from “Poetry Weekly Episode 4: Leave It”

“…Don’t be offended, opinions like a belly button.
Every idiot has one and I’m just giving you so e of mine.
And there’s this book on my shelf, they say if I will read it, it will give me health,
But every time I pick it up to turn the page
I’m distracted by the sound of the gunshot going off in the rain
They said it was over a chain
But the bullet fro the shot dislodged half his brain,
And I’m sat here thinking, damn, I used walk that way home from school every day.
And in the darkness I get down on my knees and pray
If inspiration was a train, I’d book a travel card to take us all away.
I’ve always been cynical and spiritual
But every day I draw another breath is a miracle.”

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