Poetry to create identity

Floetic Nette waiting for her turn to perform her poetry to create identity

Poetry to overcome adversity, and poetry to create identity

Floetic” Nette performed this one minute piece at Poetry for Personal Power Wednesday at Penn Valley Community College. This one is so short and sweet that we wanted to post the text here. This is an awesome example of poetry to create identity.


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Will Daniel Christensen make Brave New Voices this year?

Brave New Voices – Kansas City’s National Teen Poetry Slam Team

For the last four years, Kansas City has sent a team to Brave New Voices, the national teen poetry slam team. During the school year the Blue Room at the American Jazz Museum hosts a teen poetry slam the fourth Tuesday of every month. . . . → Read More: Will Daniel Christensen make Brave New Voices this year?

Journaling to Overcome Difficulties

Journaling to overcome difficulties

There is no corporate sponsor to promote journaling to overcome difficulties, so here we are:

Many different wellness strategies exist for people to get through difficulties. Some strategies have a corporate sponsor, like pharmaceuticals, and thus many people hear about them. Journaling to overcome difficulties is one tool that is very underutilized. However, many of . . . → Read More: Journaling to Overcome Difficulties